Microzu Marketplace is the favorite place to start and grow your business. We support your initiative and your ideas. We bring success to your business. Our marketing campaign is available to our entire marketplace Independent Business Owners (IBO). You will be able to sell a wide range of categories at a flat commission of 8% doesn't matter the industry. Sell to more than 100 countries to over thousands loyal Microzu Customers around the globe.

For those who are interested in the international market, our logistics department will assist you with freight and other international regulations. We will assist you in preparing for quote and bidding process if that is your market niche. 

Who can be an IBO?  What can you expect?

You will be part of a global marketplace, where your passion for E-commerce and love for the business can flourish and thrive 

  • Companies or individuals  with excellent Business ethic
  • Companies or individuals who care for the needs of customers and strive to prioritize their degree of satisfaction
  • International companies looking to be on top of the game by providing to their customers the latest quality products at affordable prices
  • North American and International Companies looking to sell their products via the Microzu channel
  • Part-time and Seasonal Sellers 
  • World-class Manufacturers, Distributors and resellers with an established record of customer satisfaction

To apply please read below the requirements

IBOs will need to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with a dedicated Point-of-Contact to mitigate issues escalation

Shipping window should not exceed 72 hours for North America and 20 days for international freight. If you cannot meet that time window, you may contact the Microzu logistics department to facilitate an alternative arrangement.

Integrity of your products must align with our quality standards. Any misrepresentation, false advertising or any other fraudulent statement will result with an automatic termination of your IBO account.

You will be subject to Microzu’s standard return policy as a means to maximize our customers' satisfaction. This policy allows customers 15-45 days to return or replace a product upon receipt of the product in its original package.
Microzu requires sellers to keep similar policies to meet our customers’ expectations.

Are you ready to join us? Here is what you need to provide

  • W-9 (for US sellers) or legal documents based on seller’s country of residence for international Companies and individuals
  • A verifiable Bank account
  • Business Insurance of any type
  • Make sure your country of residence is not under U.S or/and UN embargo
  • Individual or organization banned by international regulations.

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