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  1. Smart Key Organizer

    This is a multi-function smart key organizer made with stainless steel and ABS, durable and easy to carry. This can be used as bottle opener. the organizer can expand to fit up to 30 keys. great for building manager, personal use, and others. 

  2. USB Receptacle Outlet

    Duplex usb Receptacle Outlet
  3. Single Cylinder Deadbolt

    Residential Door Deadlock
  4. Digital Laser Stud Finder

    Multifunctional Digital Laser Stud Finder
  5. Digital Stopwatch

    Digital Stopwatch


    Function brief introduction

    1. Character display, metal case, the surface with wear-resistant plating. Shock, anti-magnetic

    2. 2-track record storage, 1/100 seconds of accurate time, calendar display (optional 12 or 24-hour system)

    3. Can be set to alarm and hourly punctuality

    4. Touch the touch micro switch, feel sensitive

    5. The use of long-term 3V lithium battery

    product properties

    1. Window size (LCD): 35.5 times; 23.5mm

    2. Weight:102 grams (including battery)

    3. Use a coin cell battery.

  6. Soldering Kit

    High Performance Soldering Kit
  7. Picture Hanging Kit

    Picture Hanging Premium Kit
  8. Multipurpose laser level

    Multipurpose Laser Level
  9. Portable Laser Rangefinder

    Portable Laser Golf Rangefinder

9 Items

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