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DENVER, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --, a Colorado based e-Commerce company, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest innovation to help online entrepreneurs find an alternative marketplace to grow their business. Designed to be user-friendly for beginners and savvy online e-Retailers, marketplace is free. "Starting an e-retail business should no longer be an obstacle for anyone," says Mr. Reggie Abbott, Microzu Lead Strategist. According to Mr. Abbott, Microzu offers a virtual warehouse accessible to e-retailers once they are accepted as a vendor. Entrepreneurs can pick products of their choice from Microzu virtual warehouse and there is no registration fee. According to Ms. Jenell C., a recent college graduate and owner of JCs Health and Beauty, Microzu marketplace is the ideal place for small e-Retailers like her, as it is not an Amazonian forest where you will get lost among millions of vendors. For Mr. Bud W., a Chicago based e-Retailer expert, there is no easier way than Microzu to start your online business. According to Bobby H., owner of B & H Pet Supplies, the sense of being part of community of vendors where members care about each other, is the greatest networking platform you can have. ( click for more )

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