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  1. How To Fix Dead Phone

    How to fix your dead cellular phone?

    A cellular phone can be dead for multiple reasons.

    This suggested approach how to fix your dead cellular phone apply to brands such Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, China Mobile Phones, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Alcatel, Apple, AudioVox,

    Benefone, Danger, FIC, Hagenuk, Palm, Kyocera, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE, Spice, Lava, Sony Ericsson, Micromax etc.

    Microzu Electronic Tips

    A cellular phone may die after hardly been dropped on the floor, after been dropped in a liquid such as water and get wet by a rain. The phone will not switch ON despite having a functional battery.

    Below are few steps you can take to resurrect your phone from death.

    Open battery case and remove battery; check voltage which be more than 3.7 volt; use battery booster to boost battery; Clean battery and if necessary change battery connector.

    Put back the battery in the battery slot and close.

    Turn to switch ON the phone.

    If the phone is not getting switch on, try to reload the software.

    If no luck, then warm up the C.P.U, Power IC and Flash IC.

    If you still not lucky, change the Power IC and CPU to fix the problem.

    Microzu Phone Tips

    In case the phone get hang after reloading the software then you can either change the RTC or replace the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator.  Electronic Department

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  2. Why Online Shopping is the bestway to save

    Why On-Line Shopping is the best way to save First of all, online shopping means buying goods or services via the internet. We are going to try to answer this based on surveys and people’s opinion. Why online shopping is beneficial to your saving. There are several reasons why people shop online, and the top reasons are: _ The ability to shop 24/7 _ The ability to compare prices easily _ The advertised best prices _ The ability to save time _ The convenience of shopping from home These reasons are based on articles from the internet and if you had to ask each individual why they shop online the answers would have been a little bit different. In my case, I have my own reasons and my top reasons are: _ Preferences. When I say preference, I mean for example shopping on the Nike website instead of Adidas website, shopping on instead of Forever 21 and so on. _ Discounts. I have noticed that there were more discounted products online compare to brick and mortar stores and it was easier to find them. _ Choices. On websites we usually find more items compare to instore. Also, the fact that based on the city you live in and the Malls located in those cities you have more quantity and variety of products. We’ve suggested a few online discount sites below. 1. 2. 3.
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  3. Shopping For Organic Food

    Tips for Organic Foods Shopping

    Organic Food From

    Most people think that buying organic can be very expensive if you do not know where and how to find the right suppliers.

    We have put together a few tips and options that you can use to help save money while still eating healthy.


    We tend to naturally find the closest restaurant offering the menus we love.

    Find a farmers market near you through or

    Talk to the farmer about his farming practices.

    Some farmers never spray pesticides on their crops but don't seek USDA certification, this helps lower their prices.

    Check-out Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

    Always negotiate prices especially toward closing as they would rather sale today in most cases than bring back to the farm.

    Shop Organic Food


    Buy more inexpensive grocery store brand products from grocery chains in your local area.

    They must all follow the same guidelines set by the USDA organic certification program.

    They are also required to contain the USDA organic seal, in most cases you will not be able to tell the difference between a brand name and store brand.
    Join grocery store loyalty programs for discounts.

    Always use your rewards cards this will help you save money at the checkout all of grocery items organic and non- organic.


    Shop on offers a non-GMO and organic groceries at reduced prices (up to 40% off). The quality of their products is very good and you can buy in bulk.

    Dry Food Organic

    Amazon is another shopping site where you can buy organic and non-gmo brands.

    Brad.Kitchen is another website that has a wide variety of organic and healthy foods, vitamins, etc. at low cost along side cookwares.

    Brad.Kitchen Cookware


    Join your favorite company social media pages for special coupons and deals.
    Search the web for organic coupon sites.

    We have added two websites:Allnatural Savings and Our ordinary Life.

    Safeway and King Soopers always has coupons on their branded products. Most stores take each other coupons, so do not be afraid to use them.

    Check the websites of your favorite companies for coupons and special promotions, almost all of them have some. Foods, Health & Beauty Team

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  4. How to stay warm this winter

    How To Stay Warm This Winter?

    Protect your hands and feet

    When facing cold weather as it will be in coming months for large part of world, your first line of defense is to protect your hands and feet.
    According to many studies and sources wearing an adapted glove could be helpful because your fingers can share warmth. Also wear socks well adapted to cold winter to keep your feet dry and warm

    Winter Gloves

    Wear winter hat.

    Wear hat to shield the wind and protect your hears against cold wind and freezing temperature.

    Winter Hat

    Dress warm

    Have a warm winter coat as shown on the picture below.

    Winter Coat

    Note: Protect your children, Avoid alcohol, Eat light, Avoid camping in avalanches, Drive safely, Avoid dehydration and Protect your lips. For men it is adviced to grow your bear if that fit your look. Clothing department

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